Puerto Rico’s Stereo Beat Crew adds latin flavor to Hip Hop International in their own words

July 18, 2012 Comments
Puerto Rico’s Stereo Beat Crew adds latin flavor to Hip Hop International in their own words
Stereo Beat Crew ready to compete at Hip Hop International.

Stereo Beat Crew add Latin flavor to Hip Hop International.

By Michael Rivera of Stereo Beat Crew

Stereo Beat Crew originated in 2010. Its funny how it all came about because we were in different dance groups and didn’t even talk to each other but the power of music and our passion for dance brought us together. It was like destiny. And now, we are more then just a dance crew we are a brotherhood.  At the beginning we only had a radio with one speaker and we would only hear some of the effects in our mixes and every time we would dance in a show we would hear sounds and effects that we wouldn’t hear in our rehearsals lol. So the crew started joking around how everything sounds better in stereo instead of mono and that’s when the name Stereo Beat Crew was born.

It has been a very difficult journey to get to Vegas for HHI. It all started last year year when we won Hip Hop International Puerto Rico and because of financial problems with the producers of the event in Puerto Rico we could’t make it to Vegas. But we did not give up there we just worked harder and found different sponsors and thanks to them and our hard work we will be dancing at HHI representing our island of Puerto Rico. We were also able to audition for Abdc in Chicago. Appreciating everything that God has for us good or bad because it not only defines us it make us who we are. This is going to be our first time at HHI and We have been preparing for the for a while now. Rehearsing every single day putting in our 320% in our number. Giving our hearts and souls to this number and putting everything in Gods hands because with out him we our nothing. And remember that “Everything Sounds Better In STEREO”!!
Members of Stereo Beat Crew consists of :
Michael- (Mike Smoke)
Pedro-(Khaos Bomb)
Jinuel-(J Swagg)
Jonathan-(Beat Jr)
You can find us at http://www.facebook.com/StereoBeatCrew on facebook.
“Stereo Beat Crew = Because everything sounds better in STEREO!! Our Zanpaktou’s will guide our paths and power our spiritual pressure****** THERE WILL BE NO LIMIT******”

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