Las Vegas’ Hypnotix Crew plans to hypnotize Hip Hop International with their moves

July 26, 2012 Comments
Las Vegas’ Hypnotix Crew plans to hypnotize Hip Hop International with their moves
Hypnotix Crew to hypnotize HHI

By Peter Gonzaga

Los Angeles – Dance movements can hypnotize a crowd and Las Vegas’ Hypnotix crew hopes to do just that to the judges at the 2012 Hip Hop International. According to Hypnotix Crew, “It is a vision that came to life for Terrill Ladd, aka “MEKKA” in October 2005. Collaborating ideas with friends, the outcome was far superior to the of other dance crews currently in the Las Vegas dance scene. He also wanted to take his crew to heights that were beyond anyone but him to understand.”

Hypnotix crew is known for Hypnotix is known for their originality hard hitting style  along with , smooth style, & other forms of hip hop dance: Breakin’, Poppin’ , Lockin’ & House.

For Hypnotix Crew it has been three years since they took to the stage of Hip Hop International. The crew states, “We’ve grown so much in 3 years & we are excited to take the HHI stage again!”

As they prepared for the competition, there have been some difficult moments they had to overcome. Hypnotix explains, “Getting the whole crew to get their work, school, & family schedules worked out, was the most difficult. Hypnotix has participated in about 5 events in 4 weeks & we decided to compete in HHI last minute. We only had 2 weeks to get our routine put together & ready to perform!”

Aside from the competition and difficulties surrounding a world class event like HHI, the crew hopes to gain experience, relationships with fans, crews, dancers & other professionals.

Previous crews who have participated in HHI have influence the crew. They say, “We are inspired by all dancers, choreographers & crews that live to perform from their hearts & that have a passion for dance which is our life line! Without other dancers, crews & choreographers always working hard, getting better, & pioneering new moves, grooves & choreo styles. we would not have as much direction or inspiration. Thank you everyone for sharing your passion.”


Fun facts about Hypnotix Crew:

Hypnotix was awarded a PROCLAIMATION by Council Man Ricky Barlow and the City of Las Vegas, for their outstanding work in the city. Now every October 19 is Officially, HYPNOTIX DANCE KREW DAY!

Hypnotix also host “SET IT OFF” dance crew competition & “BATTLE TACTIX” . This event was established in 2006 & is now approaching its 7th year. OCTOBER 6th 2012 @ Cashman Center Las Vegas. “SET IT OFF” 6 – 2011 brought over 600 dancers & 1,400 attendees to Cashman Center Las Vegas.


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