Philippines A-Team ready get that “A” grade at Hip Hop International

July 18, 2012 Comments
Philippines A-Team ready get that “A” grade at Hip Hop International
A-Team get their game on.

The A-Team ready put on their “A” game at Hip Hop International. ¬©Bettina Su-Jen

By Peter Gonzaga

Los Angeles – With a record nine crews coming from the Philippines, The A-Team are ready to make the grade as they prepare to battle for gold at the 2012 Hip Hop International World Dance Championships in Las Vegas. They can’t wait to represent the Philippines and show the world that Filipinos can keep up and be equal that to the world’s best in dance. However, granted that it is a competition, the crew is excited to experience the unity that dance brings throughout the world. “For us, HHI means bringing all hip hop dancers together, not so much for the competition, but for the unity, the awareness, and the appreciation among everyone all over the world.” says The A-Team.


The crew was formed as their coaches Angelica Arda and MJ Arda handpicked the members from individuals they had performed and trained with previously. The A-Team has been known for their variety of styles like power LA, swag, and waacking. The crew adds, “We can also perform tricking, breakdancing, popping and locking.”

Scheduling practices and getting together has been one of the most difficult challenges for the A-Team as they prepare to compete at Hip Hop International. President of the crew, China Francisco explains, “As much as we wanted to be complete every training, school and other important¬†commitments always had to be given priority.”

Competing at Hip Hop International, the crew hopes to gain positive lifetime experiences. ” We want a broader understanding on the worldwide hip hop community and on the crews coming from different countries, and most especially, we would like to gain new friends.”

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