A ‘Panic’ about to set in at Hip Hop International 2012 with Panik Crew Uruguay

July 10, 2012 Comments
A ‘Panic’ about to set in at Hip Hop International 2012 with Panik Crew Uruguay
Panik Crew ready to cause a panic at Hip Hop International 2012.

Panik Crew shows Uruguayan dance moves in a recent competition.

By Peter Gonzaga

Los Angeles – Is Hip Hop International ready for a “panik” to strike the dance event in Las Vegas? Of course it is as Panik Crew from Uruguay sets its feet on stage to show what this Latin American crew has to offer the world in its choreography and hip hop technicality. For the crew, it’s an honor to be a part of the 2012 Hip Hop International dance competition because the competition represents according to their own words, “From the biggest country to the smallest country, the hip hop organization represent them through dance.”

Hip Hop International has been influential to Panik Crew especially previous dance crews that have participated in the competition including crews such as Kaba Modern, Poreotics and the Philippine All Stars.

It’s been a dream since day one of the formation of Panik Crew to compete at Hip Hop International. Leader Facu Barboza says, “Winning the South American Championship gave us the impetus to compete in this year’s competition.”

Being friends since childhood and dancing together for the last 10 years, the members of this crew decided to turn that love for dance into a crew in 2009. “We try to create a unique style.. with strong moves, visual tricks along with keeping the fundamentals of Hip Hop (poppin’, locking, hip hop dance,
house dance) intact.” explains Facu.

Securing passports, finding hotel rooms and securing finances has been a bit taxing on the crew. However, they aren’t letting that knock them off the road to Hip Hop Hop International.

Panik Crew can’t wait to set their feet on the ground in Las Vegas and create new memories and experiences from competing at the competition. Barboza adds, “Our first objective is to improve Uruguay ‘s position from the last year’s
HHI. We want to absorb the most we can and communicate bring that knowledge back to our country and other Uruguayan dancers.

Want more info on Panik Crew, like them on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/panik.crew Follow them on Twitter at @Panik_Crew or their official website at www.panikcrew.com

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