Japan’s Fly Six B takes flight at Hip Hop International

July 17, 2012 Comments
Japan’s Fly Six B takes flight at Hip Hop International
Fly Six B ready to take flight at 2012 Hip Hop International

Fly Six B at last year’s Hip Hop International.

By Peter Gonzaga

Los Angeles – It’s a long flight for Japan’s Fly Six B as they plan to make their way to the 2012 Hip Hop International World Dance Championships in Las Vegas. There’s no type for sleep as this adult division crew have been practicing practically non-stop to ensure their flight reaches gold at the dance competition. Fly Six B says, “Well it isn’t easy to make time for rehearsal.” However this crew is driven that they find the time to refine their dance moves.

The crew have been friends for about five years. Dance was originally a way for the members to have fun. “We used to dance together at the club, at the same dance studio, then we formed a crew.” says Yass.

Fly Six B are versed in various styles. Yass explains, “Not only Hip Hop but also waacking and locking. Sometimes we house and pop!! We love all kind of music, all style!

Hip Hop International is not new to this Japanese crew as they first competed in 2010. There hopes as with any crew competing is to shine on the finals stage at the Orleans Arena. They want to make a mark at HHI. Yass adds, “I would like many people to know our crew. to know what we do!”

Get to know these high flying crew by checking out their Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/FlySixB

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