The Creatorz of Mexico ready to put some creativity into Hip Hop International

July 16, 2012 Comments
The Creatorz of Mexico ready to put some creativity into Hip Hop International
The Creatorz ready to create legendary moves at Hip Hop International

The Creatorz of Mexico ready to be a legend at Hip Hop International.

By Peter Gonzaga

Los Angeles – Coming straight out of Mexico, adult division dance crew Creatorz are ready to show their creativity as they hit the stage of the World Dance Championships at the 2012 Hip Hop International dance competition.

Anxiously awaiting their trip to Las Vegas, these group of dancers are ready to share their motto with the world:

Be a dancer …
Be a legend …
Be CreatorZ
The crew adds, “HHI means to us a new and incredible experience in our career in to the world of dance, how to express our way of dancing.”
It’s been a long standing dream for the Creatorz to be a part of Hip Hop International. The Creatorz explain, “We could be the HHI world champion and show the world what is our job as a team . and share that possibility as friends.”
Having formed in February 2011, these members have known each other previously in different classes for the past two years. While dancing as individuals and collaborative efforts, they decided it was time to come together as a crew to create videos and shows with the intention of turning their experiences into inspirational stories in Mexico.
The Creatorz are known for their choreography while instilling a uniqueness to their dance moves.
As they gear up for Hip Hop International, the creatorz explain their difficult moments on their road to Las Vegas, “We think , the most difficult ¬†part has been to make a good and clean choreography , an original one , with our own way of dance.”
Win or lose, the Creatorz believe being part of Hip Hop International will be a positive experience. The Creatorz add, “we would like to gain the feedback , learn from other crews , meet people who love the dance as we do , and make the dance part of their daily lives.”

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