Mix’d Elements’ own words – “HHI… Road to redemption”

July 18, 2012 Comments
Mix’d Elements’ own words – “HHI… Road to redemption”
Mix'd elements readies their trip to the road to redemption at HHI. ©John Salangsang/PRPP

Mix’d Elements road to redemption.

By Jolee of Mix’d Elements

I am going to spare you the formalities of describing who we are or where we are from, because right now, what’s more important is what we’re going to try to do; become the first ever USA crew to take home the worlds gold medal at HHI. For those who are not familiar with Mix’d Elements we were recently featured on “Americas Best Dance Crew” this year. Well, the show has ended, the dust has settled, and the final results? Spoiler alert, Mix’d Elements, did not win. To add insult to injury, we did not even make it to Americas vote. HHI is our road to redemption. This year Mix’d Elements is bringing it hard.  We still have something to prove, to ABDC, the world, and ourselves. So watch out for us on the stage this year, it will be a performance not to be missed.

We are currently trying to raise funds to help get us to HHI. If you believe in Mix’d Elements as much as we believe in ourselves then please click the link below and help us bring home the Gold for America. Any amount will help and be greatly appreciated.


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