Blank Canvas about to paint a hip hop masterpiece at Hip Hop International

July 22, 2012 Comments
Blank Canvas about to paint a hip hop masterpiece at Hip Hop International
Blank Canvas ready to paint a masterpiece at Hip Hop International

By Peter Gonzaga

Los Angeles – Hawaii is not just hula girls and luaus, there’s a hip hop dance revolution going on as Blank Canvas is ready to take their moves and paint a masterpiece at the adult division competition of the 2012 Hip Hop International USA Dance Hip Hop Championship. Hailing from Honolulu, Hi, this crew was started with friends who shared the same passion for art music and dance. Blank Canvas’ Ian Navasca explains, “The more we created together, the closer we became. From countless Dance Sessions, to creating “Masterpieces” together, A camaraderie was formed in the group, and from there, Blank Canvas was born.”

As artists themselves, they style has become well known in Hawaii and beyond. “All of our Artists (crew members) specializes in many different styles of dance. From Popping, Locking, Krumping, Hip-Hop, and even Jazz. We are known for incorporating lights in our dance while executing intricate moves & intense energy. Dance is Art!”

With artists, there are influences. For Blank Canvas, one of their biggest influence from crews who have participated at Hip Hop International is The Philippine Allstars. Navasca says, ” Their intense energy and amazing blow ups are one of a kind and pushed Blank Canvas to make even greater Masterpieces. They’ve really motivated us to go hard!

Away from the HHI stage, their biggest influence is The Jabbawockeez. Ian points out, “We really appreciate the art of musicality that they posses and the amazing characters they come up with. They are a perfect example of music coming to LIFE.”

With the recent relocation of their member Cris to Los Angeles, it’s been a challenge for Blank Canvas to ensure Cris nails down the groups Masterpieces they plan to display at Hip Hop International. Ian says, “It’s been tough, but we all believe in each other and we are taking the step to visit the mainland a little earlier to teach our brother the piece.”

The experience of competing at Hip Hop International is going to be a lasting impression for Blank Canvas. “It has always been a dream for all of us to compete at HHI, and to showcase our Art to people coming from all over the world. In Hawaii, we don’t normally get the exposure to do so because of the distance away from the Dance scene. Our ultimate goal is to gain a name for ourselves and a respect in the dance world so that people can see and enjoy the Art and masterpieces that Blank Canvas can create.” excitedly says Ian Navasca.


Some fun facts about Blank Canvas:

- Blank are the Champions of 2012 Kia Motors Dubstep Dance Contest. Kid Robot & Silk both 18 years old, represented Blank Canvas and the U.S in Warsaw, Poland.
- Two of Blank Canvas members are former members of ABDC’s season 5 Hype 5-0. Brittnie Aguilar & DueyNutz
- Blank Canvas auditioned for ABDC season 7, but did not make it, but plan to do so again for the next season. :)
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