It’s a Fam Biz at Hip Hop International with [Fam]ily [Biz]ness MegaCrew

July 22, 2012 Comments
It’s a Fam Biz at Hip Hop International with [Fam]ily [Biz]ness MegaCrew

By Emeroy Bernardo of Fam Biz

Established during the summer of 2004, [FAM]ily [BIZ]ness started as a collection of friends performing for debuts and church events, and eventually grew more than just a small group as the years passed. While many other high school kids were out at the mall hanging out with friends, these dancers were out at parks and parking lots choreographing planning their next performance routine. To this very moment,FamBiz stands out as a story of not only determined passion and inspired talent, but that of a group of friends who could not help but follow a shared dream.

Fam Biz has been busy with a wide variety of  preparation for Hip Hop International. We’ve been doing high intensity endurance training, meditation, and yoga along with our short but intense rehearsal schedule.
To help defray costs of traveling to Las Vegas, we’ve been doing a lot of fundraisers via workshops, bake sales, etc.

Fam Biz will be competing as a Mega Crew this year whereas last year we only did the Adult Division with 7 dancers. This year we’re going with our strongest 15 out of our 36 members. With HHi only a few weeks away, practices are only getting more intense!

For more information on our crew check us out at!home/mainPage

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