Ecuador’s DAD-Ho Crew makes its way to Hip Hop International for the first time

July 20, 2012 Comments
Ecuador’s DAD-Ho Crew makes its way to Hip Hop International for the first time
DAD-Ho Crew makes its initial trip to HHI.

By Peter Gonzaga

Los Angeles – Coming up from the center of the world, Ecuador’s DAD-Ho Crew will be making a long trip to Las Vegas for the first time to compete in the 2012 Hip Hop International World Dance Championships. The crew is excited to share in the HHI experience with other dancers throughout the world. Crew member Renata Arias adds, “We’ll definitely have a great international experience. We’ll learn from other cultures even if we all speak different languages but understand each other through dance. We can learn from others which would be very cool. Along the way we’ll also make our country known. We’ll have many experiences that make us grow and mature as artists.”


The crew explains how they formed, “The group began exactly on December 21, 2008; in Cuenca- Ecuador!… four members Danhiel, Ngra, Bc Paytho and after several months of hard testing and find dancers who agreed to give the best of them with our Coach Bryan looking for talented boys and girls is how many guys were, first, Renata, Gisse, Bolo and so we formed an academy called New Expression, is so we’ve continued to grow artistically, rehearsing all week, 4 hours a day, we opened concerts for international artists; among the most important are: Aventura, Juan Luis Guerra, Chino y Nacho, a part of Hip Hop International and represent our country, is very important to us, is a goal achieved and we hope represent excellent to our country Ecuador!”


Just like the Olympics, DAD-Ho has sacrificed a lot to make it to the Olypmics of Hip Hop dance. They explain, “The rehearsal times have keep us from time with our families, friends and loved ones. But we don’t consider it a sacrifice because the life of dance is everything to us. It’s not easy but with God, passion, dedication, responsibility, etc., anything is possible.”

DAD-Ho can’t wait to arrive in Las Vegas. “It’s our first time in the competition! We are very excited! See you soon!”

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