Ireland’s Infinite Dance Styles brings infinite posibiliities to Hip Hop International

July 20, 2012 Comments
Ireland’s Infinite Dance Styles brings infinite posibiliities to Hip Hop International
Introducing Ireland's Infinite Dance Styles

Infinite Dance Styles.

By Christian Aguilar of Infinite Dance Styles

IDS is a hip hop dance company consisting of talented dancers and choreographers that have produced various workshops and performed at corporate events. Liffey Trust Dance Studios is the company’s home from which it trains. IDS consist of 19 dancers, which are now down to 15 due to financial reasons….but the whole crew didn’t give up and decided to finish what they have started. we originally didn’t qualify to represent Ireland at Hip Hop International technically because its only the 1st and 2nd place dance crew that are  allowed to participate at Hip Hop International. However, the HHI judges decided to include 3rd place and allowed to move forward and compete for the world hip hop championships.
The Crew was created last September to compete for Dance Masters 2011 and was founded by Donking Rongavilla. It was awarded Choreographer of the year 2011, and after that the group was invited to dance at the opening of the Christmas lights in Dublin City with Monica Loughman and her russian ballet company. IDS welcomes different dance crews from around the country. The two other crews representing Ireland include Submerge crew, an all-Filipino group based in Dublin, and an Irish crew called Another Level crew from Drogheda.
IDS says that it is a great privilege to represents Ireland in the World Mega Crew Hip Hop dance competition in 2012 in las Vegas. At the moment it has 4 choreographers and will facilitate a hip hop workshop at IDA Hollywood in LA California this coming July for a charity fundraiser. It will also be helping and performing in charity events around Aneheim, Chino , and the Ontario area of Southern California as well. The company says it is so proud to announce and congratulates very own Cjhayy Vinalon who was the champion of the All styles battle in the Irish Hp Hop Championships 2012. Cjhayy is delighted and is training hard and preparing himself to represent Ireland in Las Vegas.
The vision of the company is so train and raise dancers in safe environment, in all different styles and according to their characteristics. IDS welcomes aspiring dance teachers and promotes a positive outlook in life. It hopes that someday dancing will become a national sport.
During our busking and door to door fundraising to raise money to cover our flights and hotels expenses, some people  ask us Why we are representing Ireland yet we are not Irish and they ask this question in a nice manner, and heres our answers…
We have 2 reasons why we are proud to represent this country….

1. This country allowed our parents(parents dancers) to work in ireland under visa working permit , because of that our parents were able to send money back home for educational fees so that our siblings can finish their studies…and they do graduate:)
and to provide basic needs for the family, and because of the working visa our parents our allowed to bring their family over here in ireland thats why some of the dancers able to come and lived here…..

2. Foreigners may be limited when it comes to resources but it doesn’t mean we will stop and do nothing and not to find another way to say thank you and to bring back the favor what Ireland did for our family….and our way to say thank you…..are to use our talent in hip hop dancing by representing ireland to the world hiphop championship with or without the funds…..

We are all proud of our own country because we learned how to serve others thorugh our culture.

For more information on Infinite Dance Styles check out their Facebook page at


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