20 out of 41 world varsity crews move to semi-finals at 2012 HHI

August 2, 2012 Comments
20 out of 41 world varsity crews move to semi-finals at 2012 HHI

Zero of Japan takes 2nd place in the world varsity preliminary. ©John Salangsang/PRPP.

By Peter Gonzaga

Las Vegas, NV – The varsity division competition opened the 2012 Hip Hop International World Dance Championships with 41 crews competing. It was a tight competition as these world crews took to the stage to battle it our for a spot in the semi-final round. Yearly competing countries ruled the night as crews from Japan, New Zealand, The United States, Philippines, United Kingdom and Canada moved their respective crews to the next level.

Japan’s Zero and Sol-T-Shine got the crowd excited with their precise moves. Zero also interjected a bit of comedy with one of the dancers imitating a rooster.

The cute ladies of Spain’s Las 8 Supernenas had their secret hip hop moves behind their lovely smiles and ponytails to qualify for the next level.

The Philippines did not disappoint as two of their three delegates moved to the semi-finals. A-Team and Legit Status hopes to keep the Pinoy Pride alive in the next round.

The top 20 crews moving to the semi-finals are as follows:

1. Sol-T-Shine – Japan

2. Zero – Japan

3. Sorority – New Zealand

4. I-Rock – Canada

5. A-Team – Philippines

6. J.B. Star Varsity – Japan

7. Lil’s Dance – Russia

8. Freshest Nutz – Singapore

9. Bandits – USA

10. Legit Status – Philippines

11. Underground – USA

12. Shockarellas – U.K.

13. Las 8 Supernenas – Spain

14. iDK – USA

15. Get Down – Russia

16. Banda Forse – Russia

17. F8 – Canada

18. Diamond All Stars – U.K.

19. Spirit Dance – Mexico

20. Neutral Zone

The semi-finals will commence on Friday, August 3, 2012 at 1130 p.m. Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas.


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