So United brings France together at Hip Hop International

July 11, 2012 Comments
So United brings France together at Hip Hop International
So United Crew ready to unite the crews around the world with France

So United Crew.

By Peter Gonzaga

Los Angeles – Currently the only adult division crew from France for Hip Hop International 2012, So United Crew hopes to unite the world with France through their dance. So United Crew member Sophiane Boukabache explains,  “We’d like to meet everyone on the international level.” The crew also wants to illustrate to the world that there is diversity in dance when it comes to the French scene.

The crew originally was formed three years ago to participate in the French TV show “France’s Got Talent” and considers Hip Hop International as a platform for expanding the horizon of the crew.

So United Crew is so united that there wasn’t much adversity for their road to Hip Hop International. It has become more of an adventure than anything else.

Coming off their win at the 2012 UDO European Championships,  this adult division crew hopes that their unity to bring home the gold for France.

So United Crew’s Facebook Page:

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